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Renewable Energy

Why renewable energy? The reason people should switch

Why renewable energy
Why renewable energy

Over the last few years, the topic of renewable energy has become increasingly important, and more and more people are switching over to this sustainable power source. But, why renewable energy?

Renewable energy can be used permanently and infinitely

First of all, oil, gas and coal, will not last forever as they are finite resources. Therefore, the depletion of fossil fuels is becoming a global problem.1

On the other hand, energy based on sunlight, water power, wind power, wave power, geothermal energy, biomass, etc. does not deplete or disappear due to our usage. That’s because those resources are continually replenished by nature. Power made from these permanently available resources is called renewable energy.2

In recent years, renewables have received a great deal of attention as one solution to the fore-coming depletion of fossil fuels, by reducing the dependence on these finite resources. In turn, energy from renewables is expected to power the future and to support the continued prosperity of humankind.

Renewable energy is low-risk energy

Renewable energy is said to be low-risk for two crucial reasons.

The first reason is that there is no fear of depletion. Renewables are based on sustainable power sources that nature provides, such as solar from the sun, water from rivers and biomass from forests and farms. Therefore, in principle these resources will not be exhausted3 and have no risk of resource depletion.

Another reason that renewable energy is low-risk is its ability to be produced domestically.4

Currently, fossil fuels such as coal and oil are imported from foreign countries where resources are more abundant.5 Therefore, there could potentially be a risk between the stability of the importing country and their political situation, and the supply of the fossil fuels it produces.

In contrast, even in countries that do not have resources such as fossil fuels, it is possible to provide a stable energy supply.

In addition, these green energy alternatives have other environmental and economical advantages such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions regardless of where they are produced, and tax benefits for individuals and companies who adopt these green policies.


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