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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Initiatives – For A Better Future

Renewable energy initiatives
Renewable energy initiatives

Efforts toward renewable energy vary widely around the world due to numerous factors including political stance and economic ability. Let’s take a look at how renewable energy initiatives are being implemented in countries across the globe.

High levels of investment are being made in both developing and developed countries

As of 2008, the share of renewable energy in final global energy consumption was 19 per cent.1 Since then, a lot of money has been invested annually in both developing and developed countries.

In particular, Germany is aggressively investing in renewable energy, and it seems that around 2030, renewable energy will cover more than half of the domestic power consumption.2

Since Northern Europe has an abundant water source environment, renewable energy using hydropower is actively used. Norway consumes less electricity than large countries, but hydropower alone accounts for almost 100 per cent of its electricity consumption.3 Iceland and Denmark are also actively using renewable energy, and their dependence on nuclear power is zero per cent.

On the other side of the Atlantic in the United States, wind power generation using a large land area is being actively performed. Geothermal power generation is thriving in Indonesia and the Philippines.4

Countries that are blessed with such an environment, both developed or developing, are steadily switching to renewable energy.

What can we do for the future of renewable energy?

Highly skilled and knowledgeable scientists are not, and should not be, alone in creating a future based on renewable energy. Each and every one of us can make a huge impact too.

Switching to a 100 per cent reliant renewable energy economy may seem like an distant dream, but we can all start now: the future of renewable energy depends, to a great extent, on the will and choices of individuals.

These choices can be anything from choosing to reduce our energy consumption in our households, to electing a government that implements the policies and the financial investments to make the switch to renewable power.

In future, demand for renewable energy will only increase,5 so we might as well start making better environmental and economical decisions sooner rather than later.


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