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Future World News is not just another news website. It is new, innovative and different. The aim of FWN is to inform, engage and most of all educate our readers.

After graduating from London’s Global University with a specialisation in Environment and Sustainable Development, four peers decided to set up an online news journal. With strong resilience and a keen dedication to researching, reviewing and reporting, they have surpassed their first milestones and now proudly present FWN.


At Future World News, we focus on a people-first approach in everything we do. We put our readers interests and commitment to learning above all else. Most importantly, we cover real stories. We work with full commitment and dedication, and want to inform our readers about what is happening in our world from an environmental aspect, and prove this with facts.

No matter where you are or what your views on climate are, you can always rely on FWN to provide factually correct information. Every week exciting articles on various climate topics are posted. We place particular emphasis on the environment and everything that is related to it. We also report on current local and global issues.